House Concert Testimonials

This was our second show with Sky Smeed and although we rarely do repeats we can’t wait to have this talented musician back!  There is nothing like live music to foster a sense of community and Sky’s show made us laugh out loud while doing just that.  There are few musicians that are not only talented but have such a pure sense of joy that you can’t help but smile during the whole show.    We loved hearing the old favorites and the new music proves this artist has something real and meaningful to say as well.  Any host would roll out the red carpet for this artist and their audience would love them for it.  Few musicians handle pre-show arrangements with such ease and a more delightful house guest is hard to find.  I cannot recommend this artist highly enough.  Do yourself—and your audience—a favor and book this artist as soon as you can! 

Danielle, Lakeside House Concerts

"Having Sky perform at your house concert for family and friends is a way to share music like no other way.  Sky allows you to enjoy music from so many perspectives that he'll make you want to sing, laugh, think, and cry, all in a matter of a couple songs!   A house concert with Sky is like inviting an old friend to come in, sit a spell, and catch up with what's been going on -- and he'll tell you all that with charm and wit throughout the night.  I've never seen so many happy, talkative, and satisfied faces among my guests as I've seen after Sky's show at my house!"

(M. Kelly) Kelly's Summer House Concert Series, July 2019


"Sky is a teller of tales with a guitar; his narrative prose are full of life, wit and the voices of some real life characters. The pub part of the Mac House n' Pub was packed on a Thursday night, then Sky met us for a campfire singalong on the rim of the San Rafael Swell two days later. This guys is the real deal. We are going to make this an annual event."

J McConnel, Mac's House N Pub